It's like 3 bags for the price of one

Now only $69.95

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  • Waterproof Lining
  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy to carry
  • Super Tough
  • Lightweight

Holds Ice 3-5 days in up 10 100ยบ Temperature

Introducing the Soft Super Cooler™

The roomy, super insulated main compartment can be used as a cooler, or due to its waterproof liner, can be used for dry storage, to hold video equipment, cell phones, tackle or even as carry-on luggage.

Two removable, zippered, water resistant inside bags easily hold all your dry storage - keys, camera lens, sun glasses or even food or a bottle of wine.


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Order Soft Super Cooler™ Now

The Soft Super Cooler™ comes in two sizes. The Small Soft Super Cooler™, normally $139.95, is only $69.95 plus $9.95 P&H with today's order! It holds 12-18 drinks and is also a carry-on size but is easier to carry for a smaller person. It's perfect for a single person going on a short trip or going to the beach for the day! The Deluxe Large cooler normally $179.95, is only $99.95 and FREE P&H! It's great for a large amount of gear or drinks. It fits a 30 pack or a mini keg with ice and extra room and is perfect for a family trip. Plus it's also standard official carry-on luggage size and designed to meet most of the air line restrictions for carry-on luggage.

** Due to the amazing quality of the Soft Super Cooler™, you will probably never need service. However, we will fix, repair or replace the Soft Super Cooler™ against leaks, broken/ corroded zippers, material defects, manufacturing defects of any type through normal usage, not abuse or blatant customer damage, for the original owner with proof of purchase, for a fee of $9.95+ P&H per service repair! Soft Super Cooler™ - keeping America cooler longer since 1995!

Tax will apply to all NY orders.